Aribell hidroth

Aribell is a beautiful petite young seventeen year-old woman with fair skin, flaming red hair and captivating sprite-like emerald green eyes. She is moreover, the daughter of Count Atherlend. Being both intelligent and adventurous, Aribell resents the restrictions that her political title has imposed upon her. As a young girl Aribell was precocious yet undisciplined. She was bursting with life, and full of curiosity about the world outside the gates of Hidroth Lea. She loved the countryside (though she was rarely able to see it), and desired more than anything else to travel to the ancient lands of the south. She yearned to see the Temple of Andunai in Iterad, to mount one of the great Eagles of Anguliad, and to run across the endless crystal spires of Itolass in the wondrous city of Van’Alis.

As time went by Aribell grew to become a stunningly beautiful young women. On her sixteenth birthday she made her formal debut at the annual Ball of the Lords held in the palace of Caldoranth. Of all the debutantes that year, Aribell shone the brightest. Many of the greater nobles sought to dance with the new starling, yet the Duke of Endrell took a special shinning to the girl. Being that the Duke was the highest ranking noble under the crown, naturally Atherlend sought a union between Duke Ithron and his daughter. The Duke was favorable to the arrangement and the two were betrothed to marry on the eve of Aribell’s eighteenth birthday. However, Aribell was not at all interested in the Duke, whom she found stuffy and self-important. She clung to her childhood dreams of exploring the south lands, and dreaded the thought of spending the rest of her life trapped in her parents marriage.

Thus, when Orend Etheborne, the war hero of the south, came riding in to town one day and gazed into her soul with those intense handsome blue-gray eyes of his, Aribell melted like butter! For the next year of her life, the two of them shared an intimacy that Aribell had always longed for. However, she knew that it would all end the day she turned eighteen. As the days grew closer she began to look upon her rank as a curse, and her birthday as an impending prison sentence. Finally, she made a decision. If she stayed in Hidroth Lea she would lose the deepest part of her heart. Yet, if she and Orend flew from the town they could make a new life together for themselves in the south. She chose to flee.





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