Belindial hadwein

Belindial is relatively tall for an elf, standing about 6ft; yet she possesses the same lithe, willowy form as that of the majority of her kind. She has proud, prominent facial features, and long dark brown hair worn partly in braids but otherwise strait. Her emerald eyes bear a silent intensity that match her overall disposition. Belindial wears the traditional garb of female Angullian Aristocracy: a short cut gown replete with swirling leaf motifs ranging in color from bronze to olive and avocado green. She also bears a long thin staff hewn (all of the sf one piece) from Shimmer Fur, with a carved pine cone at its top end.

Born to the prestigious house of Hadwein in Hadaris (niece to Eruindol Hadwein, who currently sits among the Council of the Twelve), Belindial attended the University of Alowindria early on in life, and received some of the best arcane instruction available in this age. In her studies she became intrigued by the arcane mysteries surrounding dragons, and decided to journey north in the hope of discovering more of their art. She traveled to Etobran in the company of a merchant caravan. There she met Othowin and Starling, and upon learning of their mutual interest in northern adventures, consented to join their company. Belindial is well trained in her arcane arts. She is contemplative and reserved most of the time. She does not really understand the ways of men, and is often perplexed by their behavior. She has, however, grown to respect Othowin, and submits easily to his authority. She patiently awaits the day that Othowin will decide to explore the dragon dens of the Hammodrans.




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