Ellien denneth

Elien is a petite girl with long, often unruly, wavy brown hair, fair skin, and furtive hazelnut eyes. While possessed of natural beauty, she often dresses in a rather unkempt manner, and is always found wearing a baggy over sized forest green cloak. Elien led a very troubled childhood. She was born in the city of Caldoranth. Her mother died while she was only three years of age. Her father lost his trade as a cobbler, and he and Elien became destitute. While Elien’s father loved her dearly, he had no means of providing for the girl. He tried to find odd jobs where he could, but the two had no place to live. One night when Elien was only 9, her father was attacked by a group drunken belligerent miners, who for the sport of it, took turns beating him to death in front of Elien. The girl could do nothing but watch and sob and scream. The men then turned to her to have some sport of another variety. Fortunately the local militia intervened before the men could do any more harm. However, Elien’s nightmares were only just beginning.

With nowhere to go, and no one to depend upon, Elein took to the alleyways of Calodranth. She spent several lonely years as a street urchin, a beggar and a thief. Time and again Elien found herself the victim of the appetites of wicked men. She grew to hate all men (save her father whom she missed dearly). Elien’s hatred grew until it was stronger than her fear, and one night when a drunken man approached her in a suggestive fashion, Elien thrust a knife that she had stolen through his throat, and made off with his belongings—She was only 15 at the time.

The thrill of her first kill tantalized the girl. She determined that from that day forward, she would never be hunted again, henceforth she was the hunter. Over the next couple of years Elien began to refine her skills as a cut purse. She often lured unscrupulous looking men into dark alleyways, men who discovered too late that their quarry had in fact been hunting them. Yet on one such occasion Elien’s target was trailed by three companions’ intent on getting in on the action. When they found their associate dead, they drew swords and chased Elien through the alleys of Caldoranth. By chance Elien ran into Othowin as she emerged from an alleyway. Othowin, thinking her a pickpocket grabbed on to the girl, but upon seeing the other men in pursuit drew his own sword. Perceiving the girl’s plight, he commanded the men to lay down arms and return home. They did not relent, and so were summarily put to death by Othowin and his band.

Othowin’s heart opened to the girl, and he offered to help her. Elien, on the verge of fleeing, detected in Othowin’s voice a tenderness that she had not heard since the death of her father. Hope and fear fought within her, yet in the end hope was the victor. She chose to trust Othowin, for she desperately desired to once more feel a father’s love. At the age of 17, Elien became the fourth member of Othowin’s band. While it took time, she learned to trust Starling and Belindial as well. Later when Orend joined the group, she found that she not only trusted this man too, but also desired him—though she has never spoken a word of it. She is loyal to Othowin and to the others in his band, for they are the only family that she has. She would die defending any one of them. Yet she is slow to trust any outside the band.




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