Father Durrand


Father durrand

In life Durrand was s fatherly looking old man with gray hair and beard, and deceptively kind gentle blue eyes. As a Lich Durrand’s flesh rots away from his withered face. He has one worm eaten yellow eye and another empty cavity filled with maggots from whence radiates a red glowing light. Durrand was once a devotee to Ilandriol who served under Father Ibereth within Hirdoth Lea. Unknown to Ibereth, Ilandriol had made a pact with the spirit of Genocron, a fallen Lich-Lord, to attempt to revive the Lich in return for everlasting life. When Father Ibereth sen Durrand and a host of clergyman into the ruins of Ondur in search of the lost tome of Mier’Ebrith, the party was attacked by cultist. Durrand betrayed and slew his brethren. He became a leader in a secretive branch of the cult of Thyrn that sought to resurrect Genocron.

The Horns learned of Father Durrand from Ibereth himself when the SLR commissioned them to search out the lost tome within Ondur. At that time Ibereth did not know of Durrand’s treachery since none of the brethren had survived to report back to him. On the journey to Ondur the Horns encountered the ghost of one of the paladin who had been betrayed by Durrand. He warned them of Durrand and of the cult’s activities. The Horns later confronted Durrand, who attempted to convert them to his nefarious cause. The Horns were not persuaded and did not join the cult. Instead the slew Durrand.

Several weeks later, Father Fethraden, a devotee of Eridiol, lead another expedition to Ondur to find out if there was any substance to the claim that Genocron had risen. There they encountered Durrand who had been raised as a Lich By Genocron. Though Durrand defeated the party in battle, he did no slay them. Rather, e secretly released Fethraden, intimating ti him that he wanted Genocron to be destroyed. Apparently being a Lich wasn’t what Durrand had in mind by “eternal life.”



Father Durrand

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