Father Ibereth


Father ibereth

Ibereth has reached a ripe old age as evidenced both by his weathered features and by his seasoned wisdom. He is shorter than average height male humans of the north, and thinner as well. He has kind pale blue eyes framed by a wise saintly face. Like most men of the cloth, Ibereth wears his silver hair cut short, and he does not war a beard. Ibereth has served Andunai as a devotee of Ilandrial for over fifty years. Most of that time was spent within Hidroth Lea. He received his education and clerical training at the Cathedral of Ilandriol, faithfully serving first as a alter servant, then as cleric, later as bishop, and most recently, as the Archbishop of the Edigroth Diocese.

As a devotee of Ilandriol, Ibereth has a high regard both for the pursuit of truth and knowledge, and for the proper and just cultivation of society. To this end Ibereth serves as both a trusted adviser to Count Atherlend, and as a charter member of the Society of Lost Relics (SLR). Ibereth has also written several treaties on the nature and basis of law. The thesis of these treaties is that law is not merely a convention developed to maintain order within a given civilization, but rather is a quality of the just character of Andunai himself. The laws of a nation must not therefore be in conflict with the principles of justice found within the Telindridad, lest the law of the land be condemned by the eternal law.

The Four Horns first met Father Ibereth on the eve of the Hidroth Contest. he, along with Etilwin Vass and Erolin Olor were recruiting for the SLR. The Horns have had infrequent contact with the Archbishop ever since. However, Father Fethraden, a devotee of Eridiol, was commissioned by Ibereth to investigate into the possible rising of Genocron within the ruins of Ondur.



Father Ibereth

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