Orc Shaman


Orc shaman

This orc is tall and slightly narrower of frame than other members of his species. He is well groomed for an orc, and wears a bright purple robe containing many glyphs. The Horns first encountered this creature while hunting a several bands of orc marauders that had been harassing travelers along the Kings Highway. Along with Othowin and his band, the Horns managed to destroy the band of orcs lead by the shaman, and subdue its leader for questioning. The Shaman was later exposed to public humiliation and ridicule during a royal procession within Hidroth Lea. With the help of a mysterious shadowy figure, the Shaman managed to break out of Hidroth Dungeon around the same time that Jarl Gorlosh of the Beaver clan had united the orc clans of the Atrowan Heights. The Horns later found the Shaman’s torn, lifeless body, along with that of several other orcs and wargs, lying near the lair of a Chimera. On the Shaman’s person was a letter addressed to the leader of the Minotaurs of Etimar, which sought an alliance between Jarl Gorlosh and the minotaurs.



Orc Shaman

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