Orend etheborne

Orend is of average height, but has a strong athletic build. He has light blond hair and a beard which, unlike many noble men of the North, he wears short and well trimmed. He has strong chiseled features and intense blue-gray colored eyes. Though of noble blood, Orend tends to dress more in military attire, bearing the Rams Helm and purple fleece robes of his order. He possesses both the virtues of courage and forthrightness, and the vices of impulsivity and brashness. Orend, the son of Dithrand Etheborne, was born of noble blood. The Ethebornes have long held the hereditary title of Barons and Baronesses. The males have often assumed a position of primacy amongst the knights of the Ram in Hidroth Lea. Orend seemed born to carry the title. From his youth he was among the strongest and bravest of his peers. He received a privileged education in which he performed adequately, however in all matters relating to military, chivalry and fighting Orend excelled. On his thirteenth birthday, Orend became the page of his uncle, who saw much potential in the youth. He eventually became the sole squire of Teradith, and followed his uncle into war against Karthador. Orend demonstrated great valor in battle, though to his uncle’s eyes he lacked self control. Nevertheless, he grew in stature amongst all of the men of Caldoranth’s army.

Orend returned to Hidroth Lea a man of 20 and already a decorated war hero. His ruddy good looks and charismatic passion also won him the hearts of many a fair maiden. His own attention however, became fixed upon one particular maiden of no little repute. Princess Aribell, the daughter of Atherland, possessed fiery red hair, emerald green eyes, delicate pink lips, and most of all, Orend’s heart. The instant that his gaze met Aribell’s, sparks flew. Of course Aribell had been promised in marriage to a northern prince. Despite this fact, Orend pursued the woman who had so captivated him. The two began a secret affair, meeting at the Falcons Nest to steal a few hours of bliss in each others arms. Only Ilendra new of their affair.

Meanwhile, Othowin and his band had appeared in Hidroth Lea after a successful delve into the ruins of Ithelgaras. Teradith managed to persuade Othowin to engage in some campaigns in defense of the city. It was decided that Orend would accompany the band in their missions. Orend soon became a key member of the band, and within a years time he had achieved the rank of second in command. All the while Orend continued to see Aribell. He could not keep his actions hidden from the band however, and so he feigned promiscuity, allowing his fellow band members to think that he was soliciting Ilendra’s girls. Teradith, being exceptionally fond of his nephew, and convinced of his potential (despite his reservations of the youth’s discipline), persuaded Count Atherlend to knight Orend.




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