Teradith etheborne

Teradith stands six feet tall and has a thick muscular build. He has long wavy auburn colored hair and a beard that has begun to gray. He possesses deep blue commanding eyes that can both cause a foe to wet his pants and inspire courage in the hearts of his allies. He dresses in the traditional Rams Helm and Purple fleece robe of his order. He is fair, but strict when it comes to enforcing the law. Teradith, son of Eberthul, was reared to become the next Baron Knight Defender of Hidroth Lea. He excelled in both academic and marital prowess, and showed great leadership potential. However, just after his twenty first birthday Teradith’s family lost their lands and hereditary titles, and were subjected to public shame due to his younger sister’s indiscretion. Teradith never forgave his sister for this, but vowed to do whatever he could to restore his family name and fortunes.

After this unfortunate event, Teradith journeyed south, to join a small Caldoranthian force that was aiding the kingdoms of Dwinovar in their war against the eastern nations. He soon distinguished himself in battle, and, upon his return home, was knighted and awarded with the life title of Baronet (the hereditary title of Baron had passed to his cousin). Teradith served his liege loyally and soon became a trusted adviser to the Hidroth family. Years later he took his nephew Orend on as a page, teaching him the ways of the order of the Ram. Not having had children of his own, he grew to look upon Orend as a son. Teradith had become the Captain, and Knight Defender of Hidroth Lea; yet he eagerly awaits the day when he can turn the tilt over to Orend. Sadly, that day shall now never come.




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